About Us

The most skin-friendly baby clothing brand for tiny tots.

Popees baby care is made of 100% pure organic cotton meticulously designed to wrap your little ones up in sheer comfort, using the safest and softest materials possible to protect delicate newborn skin.


Popees baby care had its first birthday in 2005 at Thiruvali, a remote village in Malappuram district of Kerala, South India, Popees slowly stepped into the position of prominent baby fashion brand.

Popees is the brainchild of Shaju Thomas, a man with great business acumen and innovative ideas, nurtured the brand all through the way and helped it to become the most sought after brand.

Why Choose Us

With Popees you are sure to find a charming, healthy and affordable style for your little ones.

Combed Cotton

Popees baby clothing is made only from the finest combed cotton to provide extra comfort. It is softer because it lacks short threads to stick out and prickle, and all dirt and impurities have been removed from the thread.

Balloon Padding

Balloon Padding is a process which is required to remove the wrinkles that has occurred because of dyeing process in the fabrics.

Healthy & Hygienic

Popees baby clothing is healthy and hygienic. We have taken extra care to keep it clean and hygienic because it is essential for the healthy skin of the baby.


Popees manufactures a large collection of trendy clothes for newborn to kids. Quality is top-notch and the prices are truly reasonable.